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We will be the cleanest cryptocurrency in the world.

"The best businesses start with a proper vision and a drive for the project to succeed.

Windmill (WMT) is a personal and committed cryptocurrency, which specializes in a clean community currency, rewards and a lot of fun"

Christiaan Groenewegen - CEO


Windmill is the next generation environmentally friendly token, we support sustainable and eco-friendly companies and communities. Windmill will also donate 4% to planting trees to preserve the World’s greenspace with our tree planting partner Grow My Tree. Let's make the world greener with each transaction.


We are a Community Utility Token, we will share everything on our community news page and social media platforms, including all Windmill updates and latest news. All of our Actions are displayed in our roadmap in advance, so all of our members know our plans and what to expect. We believe that transparancy is key at all costs.


Windmill isn't just here for the environment and people in need; we're also here for our community and holders. No one needs to sell their tokens to earn passive income; thanks to our busd reward system, you can earn passive income simply by holding Windmill. Every transaction will result in a 4% redistribution to the holders.

We Are Windmill (WMT)

Windmill (WMT) is a decentralized eco-friendly utility community token. The Windmill team and our community are focused on creating sustainable tokens that not only have real and practical uses for the world today, but also help preserve it for future generations. As we work to become World’s leading change manager for Crypto Currency and advocate for clean environment/green products and initiatives, we must lean forward to address new challenges in the world that threaten our global environment and global economy. We will meet environmental threats and the evolving needs of the world through our strategic plan and charitable donations, which will set us apart and identify our most critical priorities that will transform the worlds business processes and world commerce over the next ten years. Through this transformation and growth of the Windmill we will encompass transparency in our day-to-day activities to meet our core objectives to increase world commerce and create a cleaner and more charitable world.


In the spirit of full transparency, Windmill (WMT) has laid out its Slippage and Tokenomics below. We have a total slippage of 10%. From the total of 10% fees, 4% will be donated to the charity funds and the planting of trees, while another 4% will be converted to busd and divided under our WMT holders, 1% will be distributed to the Marketing wallet and another 1% will be added to the WMT Liquidity-pool.


Rewards in BUSD


Tree fee


Liquidity fee




Trees Planted


Company Wallet

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You can buy your WMT tokens on Pancakeswap and the Bogged Finance widget here below. Set your slippage to 10-12%. More information is displayed inside our Leaf Paper..

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Our Team

Windmill cares about the Earth and its sustainability for future generations. Our diverse team members share the same mindset when it comes to the relationship between crypto and nature. We believe it’s important to have a sustainable approach to creating a decentralized crypto ecosystem. Please get to know our team.

Kyle Ledlie

Project Manager

Louisiana, United States

A retired US Marine with a master's degree in business development and organizational management. I've been a true challenge seeker and a cryptocurrency pioneer since 2013.

Christiaan Groenewegen

Main Developer/CEO

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A tireless generator of new ideas. Several years of expertise in the crypto and blockchain industries. With the help of project Windmill, blockchain technology is being used to enhance the environment


1st Windmill warrior

Rescued 15 July, 2021

Bringing happiness and smiles on the faces of any habitant of the world, no matter who or what you are. My mission is to make you smile..

Sofie Rietveld

Marketing Manager

Den Bosch, The Netherlands

A professional with in-depth knowledge of the field of social media marketing. Maintaining social contacts and managing social media are two of her specialties.

Paul van der Lei

Website Programmer

Gorinchem, The Netherlands

A software developer with a passion for developing applications on a new level. Specialties: Programming websites and webshops.

Mark Onwa


Port Harcourt, Nigeria

A software developer who works primarily on external projects for us. In terms of ICT technology, this is a fantastic resource. He advances in the Windmill mission through the universe, armed with a library full of crypto knowledge.

Kayas Hossain

Customer Suport Manager

Dhaka, Bangladesh

A lean Six Sigma Black Belt and a Microsoft Certified Professional. I've spent the last 13 years in customer service. Had few contracts as a customer service agent in charge of resolving difficulties in the DEFI space.

Njoku Chizitere Charles

Content Manager

Owerri, Nigeria

A creative genius who is both versatile and ambitious. A professional biologist, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency enthusiast with considerable content development abilities and a strong desire to improve the ecosystem.

Neal Brown

Technical writer

Utah, USA

Co-owning and operating a full-service mailhouse with a staff of 25 for over 20 years. Enjoys writing, teamwork, and sharing information and expertise obtained through job and self-employment over the past four decades. Has been a Cryptocurrency enthusiast for almost 4 years.

The Forest Path and Leaf Paper of Windmill (WMT)

(The Roadmap and Whitepaper)

Below is a snapshot of Windmill’s plan of action. A more detailed and robust plan can be found in our Leaf Paper (small version of the Tree Paper). Check out our Tree paper in the Footer or on the informational page for more detailed information about Windmill.

Leaf Paper

  • Start December-January-February

    - Establish Token + Tokenomics - (Completed 10/11/2021) - Complete Website development. - (Completed 01/08/2021)
    - Complete V1 Leaf Paper/Business plan. - (Completed 05/08/2021)
    - Sub-contract Pre-launch marketing campaign. – (Completed 25/07/2021)
    - Establish first partnership with eco-friendly tree planting charitable organization. - (Completed 02/08/2021)
    - Initial Development of Windmill Digital. - (Pending)
    - The first trees will be planted at the first of January. From this moment the tree planting starts. - (Pending)
    - The Launch of Windmill (WMT). - (Completed 06-12-2021)

  • Q2 March-April-May

    - Completion of the CERTIK security Audit.
    - Completion of Windmill Digital. (Ongoing)
    - Development of Windmill Eco Market. (Ongoing)
    - CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko Listing.
    - Bitmart Exchange Listing.
    - Having the first 10.000 trees planted

  • Q3 June-July-August

    - Development of Windmill Virtual Pub and Meta World.
    - Execute initial investment and partnership with Back Porch Movies (Movie/Commercials).
    - Listing on Kucoin or Bitvavo.
    - More explosive marketing for Windmill Digital.
    - More explosive marketing for Windmill Eco Market.
    - Having a total of 100.000 trees planted.

  • Q4 August-October-November

    - Getting listed on Binance.
    - Explosive New York billboard marketing.
    - Develop a special Eco/Charity Exchange Platform.
    - Windmill Wallet and Windmill Pay.
    - 500.000+ trees planted.
    - Realizing Windmill HQ in Europe and the United States of America.

Stay Connected

General Inquiries: info@windmilltoken.com

Investment & Business Inquiries: business@windmilltoken.com

Donations: donate@windmilltoken.com

Marketing: marketing@windmilltoken.com