A smaller information page about the goals and purpose of Windmill. The entire Whitepaper can be found in our main page.

Why windmill instead of banks

Windmill isn’t only an eco-friendly utility token, it is also a community token and will be a payment system. The Payment system will run as soon as Windmill Digital, Windmill Eco Market or Windmill Virtual Pub (Swap) goes out. According to an investigation from Forbes over 30% of the world population has no access to a bank Account, never the less there are more mobile phones than people in the world. We at Windmill Token understand that people are looking for an easy and safe way to transfer money over the world. For example, if you wanted to send money from your bank account in Europe to a bank account from a friend/family member in the USA, you generally will pay substantial transaction fees (and trouble) to get your money from one account to another. At Windmill we also charge fees, they might seem high (average 8% fee), however our transactions are instantaneous from one account to another. Although transaction costs vary from country to country they generally range from 20% to 40% to transfer to conduct bank transactions internationally these costs compared to cryptocurrency and Windmill is extremely high. In addition the transaction time associated with international bank transfers generally takes several days to complete, with Windmill such transactions will only take seconds.

Participate in Giveaways

Because caring for our community and world is a fundamental core value of Windmill when investing Windmill cares for our community, we will design strategic giveaways/contests to our community members and partners. Our giveaways will be very strategic and always align with our core values and business plan. For example giveaways will include: • Merchandise • Eco-friendly products • Token lotteries All of the lotteries will be held at an live AMA event so the raffles will go as fair as possible. At minimum we will have giveaways once a month. A giveaway counter will be added to the site section soon.

Utility of Windmill

Currently our three primary Utility initiatives are; Windmill Virtual Pub, Windmill Digital, Windmill Educate and Windmill Eco Market. We, at Windmill, also believe that having fun and entertainment as part as the community engagement will be a driving force behind our success. Windmill Visual Pub will be our Utility entertainment platform where current and future Community members can come and have fun; The Windmill Digital Platform will be an NFT marketplace specifically designed for art creators, designers, animators and art enthusiasts/collectors Windmill Garden will be our eco-friendly platform for community members and eco-friendly partners to sell and buy their eco-friendly goods, all of our sellers must be verified as eco-friendly sellers. a nice place to shop in international markets and services to look for the best options for eco-friendly goods, all of our sellers will be verified as eco-friendly sellers. When you purchase with Windmill Token your transaction will be 100% secure. Windmill Token will also be working on a 24/7 customer support platform that can answer any questions that customers might have. For Windmill Token these Utility initiatives will be just a start of a constant Utility and platforms to the blockchain technology, because we believe the first day the company stops evolving the Ultimate Demise.

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