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Our Leaf Paper

Leaf Paper
Let your money work for you

Choose Windmill And Go For The Green Type Of Gold!

Are you looking for a new way to generate your passive income?

Are you done with your 9 to 17 job and the low interest on your savings account on the bank?

Join the green gold. Windmill has two major integrations; Our automatic tree planting system; wich generates a greener Planet with every purchase of Windmill. And as second we have an automatic dividend system; All investors of Windmill receive a percentage of the total daily volume as shown in the table on the right/below. Just do the math and calculate your succes!

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About us

Windmill was founded in February 2021 as the first 'true' green cryptocurrency, through the planting of trees with each transaction, Windmill is a 02 generating currency. 440 trees will make 1 investor for a lifelong CO2-neutral. How easy can it be? In addition to planting trees, all investors receive daily interest on the deposited money, this is (depending on the volume) more per day than you get with the bank in a year. In some cases, this could even result in passive income! Our goal is to create a more beautiful and better earth for this, but also the next generations, do stand with us?

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Invest In Windmill And Become CO2-Neutral.

Windmill is your new way of caring for the environment and yourself at the same time. With 440 trees one person is CO2-neutral for a lifetime. Just invest in Windmill and become greener with every transaction.

The trees bring more than just a better climate, it will create wealth and prosperity for the habitants of that area (mainly Afrika). So buying Windmill makes you realising that you are helping the Earth, yourself and a lot of other people without doing anything apart of buying.

"Windmill is aiming to make 2 things green. Your Wallet and The World."

Christiaan Groenewegen - Founder of Windmill